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by some writers. The action of these drugs seems to be purely

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his patients since November th and the foregoing twelve are typical

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dominal distention considerable cyanosis of face moderate jaundice.

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have the tubes. Lacuna and canaliculi are found in enamel

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Service charts published in the Handbook consequently

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accept all sorts of things. In my attempt to persuade

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which is now four years past to the time of operation. In

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Philadelphia would no doubt be surprised to hear himself quoted as

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exophthalmns or any other very grave symptom aside from a verv

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the case is one of actinomycosis or tuberculosis grains of biniodide of

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the opening being enlarged the replacement is easily

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tion of ether have been overcome and this anaesthetic can be

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of time the ambulance was enabled to reach the scene

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which have of late become so prominent as the blood

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maintain an approximately efficient circulation in other words blood

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Veterinary Medical Association through its President to appoint

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inoperable diseases and occasionally as a temporary expe

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that of the transverse processes of the vertebras intra

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the subacute phases of these three diseases. A point

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From the history it seems that the child died from diabetic

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The results in the cases I have reported show that our

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resisted the decolorizing solution. Grassberger found do genuine tubercle

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tions one being removed about two miles and the other more than

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reader will probably be forced either to pass it over unsolved or

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opalescent granules which looked like yellow tubercles the granules were also

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culous when slaughtered and the same holds good I believe for London and

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Appeals began to come from numerous towns for physicians

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either mechanical or toxemic that find their way into the intestinal canal.

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abortion before the an. emia had become pernicious and

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ministration of remedies can be useful only to relieve

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acid in the stomach by Sjoqvist appears to give very good results.

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state have quite effective laws establishing hospital care and treat

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returns. This would already appear to be the case in some

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analogous to those on the skin run a slightly different course because the

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vaccinated. Twenty three days after the administration of the

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gun shot wounds. It is not our intention to enter into this

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good and unsettles the others in the hut. The procedure I suggest is

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number of cases good bad and otherwise. He accordingly

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years and for facility of reference have numbered these first

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The General Medical Council is yet without a home. The

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lowed naturally by inflammation of some of the pelvic viscera the

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amount of shortening. The average shortening amounts to inches