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Meme Dr. Paul Dubois Professor of Xeuro Pathology in the

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establishment and that it has prevailed in a less and less degree each

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action of the ciliary muscle than to that of the iris.

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of the persistence of some complication after the rise of temperature

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very far short of the truth and is of but very limited use

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there is no case on record according to Fischl where a differential

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our own men notably Sir James Simpson were in the habit of using

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every winter or upon the least exposure to cold. The

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principles precepts maxims reasons objections and arguments are those

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convection currents descended to the bottom of the tubes there to be slowly

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game and bound up the left hand so that it was impossible to

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the animal when it suddenly collapsed and showed signs of dying

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primary stage of the disease is frequently attended with

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peritonitis enteritis nor rupture so that we learned nothing as to the

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nounced symptoms depending on the species of animal and on its in

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Gravel consists of small calculous concretions which may be voided

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growth from c.c. of ascites dextrose tissue broth of the streptococcus in

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protected. The majority of the phagocytes extruded into

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that bleeding even in the asphyxiated state is an approved allopathic

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