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gion covered in with oiled silk or a woollen cloth and
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another time worse. The name sub acute eczema is applied
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mental confusion might provoke in sensitive organiza
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drainage into the duodenum because of spasmodic contraction or
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HYDROCEPH STU S. Internal I mafklnits of nutrient canals
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In and out patients clccti ical room and general practice at that houi
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patient were opened and a focus of suppuration was found
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in in some cases of nodular or mixed leprosy the type
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same conditions of false diagnosis is not the balance
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importance to that which ushered in the Christian era.
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The regular meeting of the Toronto Medical Society was held
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such research unless certain important human rights for example the
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the epizootic in rats presented the same feature to such an extent that
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gical aid which might be indicated except in syphilitic gummata.
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nish systematic instruction and demonstrations in the
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to adjacent disease as for example otitis media the process may remain for
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of the attack. There were but four deaths. All of these patients
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manent contractions autesthesia etc. On tlie present occasion