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ance severe purging and pain of belly. Slight diarrhoea
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as a general cleaning agent in the aqueous form hartshorn.
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tity of matter of the body acted upon is equal to the velocity
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thought there were six surgical cases in the literature
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Sespine is a fixed poison which attaches itself to any solid
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the previous week eighty seven cases were reported.
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the primary or original focus in this category of cases micrococci local
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lower extremities. Occasionally a patient has cramps in the upper and
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relieved. In many cases the patient is completely cured in a month or
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Dr. George R. Livingston Dumfries communicated Short Notes on Five
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indicate areas of tubercular osteitis and must be thoroughly eradicated.
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after which partial syncope ensued. In the afternoon some in
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and the hemoglobin are usually very beneficially influenced. When
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were repeated from every two to four minutes whether
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effective and slightly irritating bactericides as protargol and the very
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BOUGIES Soluble Flexible Prepared on Physician s or
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the tissue of the liver. The diseased liver especially in chronic
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mother s milk. It is well known that the very young can present
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feeding. He was also convinced of the very great ne