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ment was presented at the last meeting of the State
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most agree that electro puncture is dangerous. It is an item in
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leukocytosis and a slight increase m the eosinophiles. The urine
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animals without any danger of producing rabies. By using
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by Ticnia echinococcus or Taenia saginata although he admits that
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cavities all the vessels as well arteries as veins were desti
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to secure the services of a first rate artist. Mr. Shan
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ing jihysician. The druggist that duplicates a physician s prescriptions
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conducted. No expense appears to have been spared in its pro
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varied and active affairs of business at home. I think
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appearance of these sections suggested endothelioma. Even the
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tion issued just twenty five years ago. He remarks All these sequelae
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transperitoneal method except in occasional cases is not to be
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lateral ventricles I pursued the examination following the
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pins sometimes for sport as hunters shoot inoffensive
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form being insoluble in water and acids but soluble in diluted
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gin or valvular attachment before it is itself ruptured
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residue was then ground up with sand placed in a fat extraction
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ward if the rectum be loaded the uterus is pressed forward.
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tive Committee be authorised to make arrangements at a proper time
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times by others who made a careful investigation at the
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to reach the bowel on the dead body by this means discouraged
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