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The recent skirmish in the Bush has been of vast service to
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stomach in larger doses. Its salts are given in somewhat smaller
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inhabited the organs of the alimentary system produced ova v ith
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tares and lucerne which perhaps effect this curious result owing
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had become transfonucd into living otherwise than tlirough
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gleanings scarcely worth the collection. So runs the
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Council Chambers Thursday May at P. M. The following papers were read
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lung. The breath sounds over the right lung were puerile and
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develop particularly if there are groups of you in any one place
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Intestinal obstruction is caused only by mechanical obstacles and
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of epidemics of influenza or epidemic catarrh dating
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some of their own members or other agents to the ports
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tively recent times they were of the rudest sort consisting
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indicating that they have won the decoration twice. He paid
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Finally the njoximum period is one which of course we are all
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the same direction that is longitudinally obliquely or
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See also Orillo Francesco. IJreve riscontroin omag
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hand it might with equal justice be objected that the
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ments of the hind quarters may become stiff and straddling
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manner as to press directly upon the enlargements. Cool
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common use especially in cats. He found that the effects of a single
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seams at the armholes to insure against pressure there. The material
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order indeed. The harness classes the hunters ladies saddlers
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rather than of kind. Krauss in experimental work on animals found
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Mr. Henry Lee said that Mr. Hutchinson s cases were very com
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ease and render a diagnosis almost impossible more often the glands of
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wind and dew and even frost but under other conditions of the
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Fig.. Formalin hardened cadaver specimen of an empyema which has been completely
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are used nol Bimph for the purpose oi quieting pain but
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rheumatism syphilis tuberculosis and chronic alcoholism all diseases
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tivitis that the nature of the discharge is of little impor
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to facilitate volatilization and is inserted into the free end of the
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cannot take a case. Their present business is to observe. They
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Boerhaave is unnecessary in pathology and incorrect in a