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Adrenalin in Uncontrollable Hemorrhage. Dr. Otto Lange of

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two pieces of unbleached muslin for abdominal binders a half yard in

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the following oxmuriate of quicksilver oxide of arsenic subacetate

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and in the intercostal region aphonia and in some in

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The hydrides can also be made in the laboratory by chemical

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mains to be explained the acute endocarditis. Samter

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advantages not enjoyed by other cities of the State.

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true epithelioma were present. It is now nearly three

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believed to commence near the new or full moon and if the caufe

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the lids and sooner or later from one cause or another the cornea

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their fears for him. My eyes are weak they have boring

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health. Health officers must become teachers so that ilic

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pedition to Egypt appealed to the imagination. Its whole

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structive comparison of the nutritive value of foods con

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trees. When frightened they glide almost like a flash of

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wooden bar of which is adjusted to hang horizontally about six

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try and majors in Materia Medica Therapeutics and Toxicology. The courses

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found it rise to the same degree of heat that is frequently observed

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compounds. Such things are undoubtedly one of the requirements of our present

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lead intoxication is still in nubibus. In the muscle paralysis it has

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which are associated with the liberation and diffusion of

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tions with herpes zoster etc. and was called herpes capitis or ton

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In C G Dr. G.ibriel Boughton became the physician in attend

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had complete charge of all the details in the operating

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rule the development is not so precipitate as this.

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cases in a sufficiently large number with disease of

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nosis was confirmed after death in the greater part but it has

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powders should be forbidden except imder strict indication

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along the course of the affected nerves and muscles. Rest

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or weaknefs in both arms diftinguifh the dropfy of the thorax

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day in accordance with the feeling expressed at the committee meeting held March

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Mix in a tablespoonful of its mother s milk. Give this

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mitted tuberculosis. We again took up the question but thought it

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compensation. Under other conditions such symptoms would be

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t If proper inaoiry were directed to this building writes Prinsep

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disease of tbe poor unfavorable hygienic conditions acting as tbe predisposing

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regular cases yet they often follow at some distance behind so

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tention to it by publishing in a separate form full details of the