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X rays of the chest and hands were within normal limits.
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IHeturbaneea of Motion. If the tumor attains sufficient size to exert
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tion abrasions superficial ulcerations and other changes in the
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thoroughly skilful operator does not fear to allow his patient the blessings
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minute and faithful delineation which no one can be at a
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how to hear. In the so called motor zone the results are
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long varying in thickness from three fourths of an inch
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accidental cellular tissue. I can scarcely explain in any other way
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follows. The carotid was compressed before cutting the vessels
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delivered without difficulty. As there was no hemorrhage and no
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Descriptions of Medicinal Agents and Numerous Formulas and
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Duchenne which considered only the factor of increased intra
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recognisable contractions of the muscle the effect did
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When the institution is completed patients can be accom
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sidered as a highly contagious but s elf limited disease of unknown
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bruises a hot decoction of the Bladderwrack should be
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The pain and fever demand early attention. Quiet will
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stimulating the nerve centres of the heart while morphine para
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pure water. Let it then pass through a basin containing a
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after death the blood usually contains the bacilli in great numbers.
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is found in that made from the extract of logwood yet it is
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was the most typical representative of endogenous metabolism was ac
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fectious matter of fevers and contagious diseases received lengthy
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appetite which lasted several days upon the second inocula
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color a shade lighter than the iris. These fibres united
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reflex symptoms constituted the most distressing feature
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Deaths from all forms of tuberculosis disease li gt
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well the time when a patient so situated would have been again
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ness is a periodic failure of memory sometimes asso
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of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis had occurred in the Royal
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A still more remarkable insance of the peculiarities of the
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alcohol extracts from black hair a whitish and a grayish
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in conjunction with Prof essor Taif were recorded. The earlier
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rheal inflammation of the eyes is a very serious disease which not
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exclude him as unworthy of fellQwship with those who rofess
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putrid gases and the emidsion of coal tar saponini kept up
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pretention to keep the leadership. But looking only homeward as
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period of fourteen days the subsequent treatment is widely different. If
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though slowly and with dithculty. She says that the power in the hand
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numerous little greyish white r junded points stand out as though
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oommunity. The films ehowed tne progress made during the past year
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with a papilloma which he had noticed but four months before involvement
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with the same cultures which had been passed through several
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