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and of altering the position of the patient so as to

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as a s o ice to aid chronic otitis media. The mortality in

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time. I move that two members present at the convention be

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Of course in a true epididymitis the infiltration is

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large myomata unless the tumor took on rapid growth. He

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endeavouring to find a local cause that the external injury might

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loses itself in the facial at the point where the canal turns

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one side then after he has turned nearly but not quite on his

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the methods he had used in the examination of the cases and the

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Intrathoracic Suppuration. Dr. Sansom exhibited a child aged

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fluous that they are introduced in this paper. Nevertheless I

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tory signs the existence of pulmonary phthisis long before it is

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tion is about twelve hours after six grams have been

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redness disappear and the thin creamy discharge sometimes changes

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The existence of these marked catarrhal changes in the duct and its

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icide. Bismuth is also acknowledged to be a germicide and is used in

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Puerperal Eclampsia. M. Bar read a paper before the

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scription increased to. The additional space like that of our

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series however of eight inoculations delayed growth was obtained

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been found in the blood of horses suffering from it and some

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her hooked to drive down to his farm. After going about two

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vegetative ulceration of the mitral valve and multiple

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frequently m cases of terminal adrenal flow a congestion of the viscera

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keeps it out of the reach of the general public although they are

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defeatist attitude. Today nearly all funds for venereal disease control are

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For a few weeks after operation there was much pain and considerable

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pathy exists between mind and matter and how soon when

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and of per cent per annum on the same rates to sons and

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attacks of tne disease. modified or materially modified by vaccination. Cost of the

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nffected in acromegalia. To use Virchow sown words All the

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requirements but that still further improvements will be added I