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disease seldom tasta more than five or eight days. Follicular abscesses
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consumption alone but various other forms of the same dis
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boil on the cheek. It was believed at one time to break
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A damp ill drained water logged soil of whatever geological forma
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Council not being in session when the communications from
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pain tenderDesS and muscular spasm. It should be stated for the
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centre of the sternum. Valves healthy except the mitral which were
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restoration of function proved in the uinted muscles and nerves.
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marked symptoms of syphilis. The process became firmly united hut
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tients would seem to justify calling the attention of the profession to
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and in the case of a duodenal ulcer diverting the food from passing
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January. Dog loaned to Dr. Underhill for a study of the meta
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commonly observed specimens of E. histolytica. In histolytica motion
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that awful scourge of the Southern States blind staggers
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She is fairly well nourished but some sallowness of the
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dynes. Patient lefl the hospital July th. The wound was en
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phragm and in the neighborhood of the lymph glands surrounding the
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of death in children. Of every thousand living beings twenty
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else. Another has as his duty the preparation of the field of
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to its pages and derive from their perusal much in
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descriptions belonging to systems of order in order to obtain
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tions show that such a conclusion is derived from a very par
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filth the surgeon passed his knife into the living tissues
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the less irritating forms of mercury administered for long
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drink slowly as a too rapid drinking will overtax the stomach as much
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It may be said that this is all theory and that I should
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a more simple mode of procedure may first be employ
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Spinal Cord Affections of the si inal cord include paraplegia
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In conclusion we may find a convincing illustration in the effects of
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way Table. There was the same relation between the curves of
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inject the finest altruistic spirit of progress in every department ol
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nerve if it has been divided and thus effect a cure of
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care. The abdomen contained a considerable quantity of fluid and this would
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of persistent and progressive ulceration which is checked
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appointment under Government is placed in medical charge of a civil
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should drink preferably at the end of a meal and in little sips.
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In recent decades there has been a steady decline in the
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vary the operation just described by making a posterior trans
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excrescences of different sizes each of them very sore raw
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cation in a joint committee to consider the Gresham
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ing grams each incased in waxed paper and placed in a large glass