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relation existing between the intelligence of the animal and its environment.

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lines which should be invariably followed. In every case the chief aims

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trials in which he was the chief medical expert for the Crown.

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Kath Megaw Dr Connie Meyer Dr Frank Muller Rev Dr Alex Niven

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cause of the paucity of vacuoles the nature of the nucleus and motion

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entirely from phthisis. The only points of difference between Dr.

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neighborhood of the wound or to the possibility that necroses arose at a

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parties understand fully what is put before them and can express assent

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Amoss Willard BA Western Maryland College MD University of Maryland .

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retaining however its autonomy. This relation was dissolved by mutual consent in

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only of cartilage. Under these circumstances it was almost impossible

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prognosis doubtless mainly results from the circumstance that the oc

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ing out one pint with tube inserted well up in large intestine

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reference to abuse of alcoholic liquors cocaine and opium and merely

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The preceding descriptions suffice to show the great importance of nasal

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and I have both found that non tubercular subst.ances introduced under

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potash. At first improvement occurred but a month later the patient brought up

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The nature of these phagocytic cells is difficult to determine abso

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idual modua operandi of the substances included in each of

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Diarthrosis is a freely movable joint as the atlo axoid.

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Streptococcus immunity remains one of the perennial problems