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Letpress - letterpress listserv
PPLetterpress - photopoplymer letterpress listserv
Book_Arts-L - book arts listserv

Flurry - online letterpress journal

Boxcar Press
Source for plastic- and metal-backed polymer plates.

Also recycles plates!

Bookbinding supplies, based in Maryland.

Bookmaking supplies, based in New York.

Book and paper store in Michigan.

Lee Valley
Super-strong magnets for enclosures.

Printed Matter
A non-profit store in New York devoted to artists' books, 'zines, and other "artists' publications." They also take interns.

Boxcar Press
NY based photopolymer/letterpress supply. You can get photointaglio plates here as well plates for letterpress (and, if you can afford it, you can have them make your plates for you).

Briar Press
Letterpress forum with a free classified listing.

NA Graphics
970.387.0212, fax 90.387.0127
email nagraph@frontier.net for a free catalog.
All things letterpress: rollers, furniture, high-speed quoins, tympan paper, numbering machines, steel rule, leads and slugs, gauge pins, Vandercook parts and supplies, Kelsey supplies, Morgan Expansion Trucks, parts for Miehle Verticals, C&P, Heidelberg, ATF foundry type, composing sticks, photopolymer plates aand platemakers. In Silverton, Colorado.


Tarheel Roller & Brayer
Dave Hauser, hau6118@aol.com
Composition rollers.

American Printing Equipment
Rubber rollers.

Dave Churchman
Dealer of all kinds of letterpress equipment, including presses.
In Indiannapolis.

Don Black
Kind of a letterpress pawn shop. He has type, presses, press parts, casting equipment, hot-foil stamping equipment, Linotype mats & Monotype matrices, and pretty much everything else. He'll pay cash for whatever you want to sell, too. The website also has an extensive directory of typeface proofs, to get a quick idea of what a face looks like.
In Toronto.

The following are sources for inks:

Fritz at NA Graphics and Bill at Quaker City Type have small tubes of different colors.

XPEDX and Graphic Chemical sell Van Son inks in cans.

Gans has a lot of inks, including Pantone.

The following are sources for magnesium plates:

Valley Etching
You can email them the artwork. Fast turnaround.
In Holyoke, MA

Pella Engraving Company
PO Box 127
Pella, IA 50219

Augustine Company
Marshalltown, Iowa

Central Michigan Engravers
PO Box 15006
Lansing, MI 48901
(517) 485-5865

Cal-Art & Engraving
Speedy service, mounted & unmounted dies
In San Carlos, CA

Peterson Engraving

Brown and Hartman Engraving Co.
M inimum 10 square inches @ $14.70 mounted type-high, & increases from there. "Very cooperative."
In Tulsa, OK

Standard Engraving Company
625 West Main St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
405 235 5313 - Ask for Rich