[TOP 10] Best Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo of 2021

Best Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo Reviews & Key Features

#1. KIARSWE Blue Green Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Tactical Flashlights

KIARSWE Blue Green Laser Light Combo, 500 Lumens Tactical Flashlights
  • Radiant BLUE GREEN LASER LIGHT COMBO – Green shaft/blue bar: 532 nm, <5mW, Class IIIA, can be changed upward and evenly, double laser sights give you a reinforcement in the event that one of them fizzles. Consolidating both profoundly apparent firearm shaft and 500 lumens of LED light with a toss of 150 meters. Strategic light remembers consistent for/strobe modes.
  • SHOCKPROOF LASER LIGHT COMBO – Robust anodized airplane grade aluminum material makes the MINI handgun lights ​with a green-blue bar for a gun ​can withstand solid effects and vibrations without extricating after adjustment. IPX4 Waterproof.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT LASER COMBO – Normal running time:5hrs/green-blue Lazer, 1hr/light, or 45mins/lasers and light. The red light marker makes low battery and is need-aware of re-energize by USB power, just 45mins per charge.
  • PICATINNY PISTOL LASER LIGHT COMBO-This flexible green blue laser shaft for a handgun can be mounted with a Picatinny or Weaver rail(please allude to picture). It is a subcompact, just 65.7g. Simple to introduce and isolate the gun laser.
  • ZERO RISK – We offer 2-years free guarantee. So zero danger buy, in the event that you don’t care for the laser and electric lamp for a gun ​or something occurs, kindly return it for a full discount or another one! We are an acceptable group and Stand up to your test.

#2. DefendTek DT-M3 Rechargeable Rail Mounted Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo

DefendTek DT-M3 Rechargeable Rail Mounted Green Laser Sight Combo Tactical LED
  • Accuracy LIGHT OUTPUT – Crafted with 300-lumen CREE LED lighting, the DT-M2 likewise offers an incredible 5mW 650nm green laser.
  • Adaptable MODES – Built-in Green laser with flexible gap and change device is incorporated, additionally including two flexible settings for the drove—consistent and strobe—each mounted light effectively switches between pinpointing or muddling your engaged objective.
  • FITMENT AND DESIGN – DOES NOT FIT COMPACT/SUB COMPACT PISTOLS, lightweight and including a fast delivery mount highlight and strategic bezel, it’s an ideal strategic light for, security, or guardians.
  • Airplane GRADE ALUMINUM – Stronger and more sturdy than standard rail-mounted lights, these rail-mounted lights are residue and water-safe.
  • Fast RECHARGE CAPABILITY – These strategic firearm lights accompany a battery-powered CR123a battery and a NON-battery-powered CR1/3N battery are incorporated for the green laser, everything is prepared to run out of the container.

#3. EZshoot 20mm Pistol Laser Light Combo, 200 Lumen Laser Handgun Light

EZshoot 20mm Pistol Laser Light Combo, 200 Lumen Laser Handgun Light
  • 【KEEP YOU SAFE AT NIGHT】The 200 Lumen gun light green laser combo is splendid around evening time. Light your direction for individual safeguard and guarantee your wellbeing. The 20mm Picatinny spotlight is reasonable for Personal/Home Defense, Outdoor Sports at Night/Hunting/Fishing, Work at Night/Training at Night. Laser Class : IIIA ; Laser Power: Less Than 5mW.
  • 【3 LIGHTING SETTINGS】The green laser spotlight combo has 3 modes: LIGHT ONLY/LASER ONLY/LIGHT + LASER. The airsoft firearm laser and the electric lamp can be utilized in blend around evening time, so you can precisely focus on the objective. You can without much of a stretch change the mode to address your issues!
  • 【2 LIGHTING MODES】The strategic spotlight for guns has 2 lighting modes: STEADY/STROBE, which can be exchanged in various scenes to accomplish the impact. It very well may be handily exchanged by the switch in the tail, no compelling reason to search for a catch in obscurity.
  • 【ACCURATE LASER】The light green laser combo handgun can be changed UP and DOWN/LEFT and RIGHT. The green laser can be absolutely focused on the objective. The spotlight laser for guns is exceptionally splendid and clear light, appropriate for different climate conditions and day/night use.

#4. Laswin Green Laser Sight for Pistol, Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo

Laswin Tactical Flashlight with Internal Green Laser Sight for Pistol,2 in 1 Laser Light
  • 220 lumens spotlight laser sight with 510nm green laser output, Tactical laser light combo with INTERNAL GREEN LASER transmitted from LED Cup, good laser electric lamp 2 out of 1 combo.
  • Attractive Charging can set aside your cash and time to purchase and supplant batteries frequently, this spotlight laser sight combo can be re-energized by a power bank, computer USB, car charger, and other general charging sources.
  • There are 4 force pointers to remind you when the laser light combo should be recharged, in the charging system the showed lights are in-stream blazing mode, fully charged the markers are in static mode with green colors, one time charging needs 40 to a little ways from void to full.
  • Three customizable mounting screw bolt openings can suit the greater part of full-size handguns and sub-minimized short guns, it’s simple and advantageous to change the separation from the mounting screws to the trigger guard, you can utilize this laser sight for pistols, handguns, shotguns, and rifles.
  • Significant distance green spot laser sight, clear and extra more splendid laser pillar under 5mw. Green laser in the daytime can reach up to 50-200 yards, can reach up to 300 yards in the evening.

#5. HiLight Tactical LED Flashlight and Green Laser Combo for Pistols (W/Green Laser)

HiLight Tactical LED Flashlight and Green Laser Combo for Pistols (W/Green Laser)
  • Driven Flashlight: top notch CREE XM-L2 LED with 500 lumen yield strobe controlled by 2x CR2 battery (included)
  • Establishment: Your gun ought to basically have 1.5″ (35mm) Clear Space (if it’s not too much trouble, allude to picture to decide the reasonable space of your guns).
  • Green Laser: <5 mW, Class IIIa Green Laser Sight meets US law necessities (<5mW top, 532nm, Class 3R), which meets US FDA Safety prerequisites. Laser pillar should be tuned with a wrench included.
  • Battery InstallationPlease introduce batteries for sign imprinted on the two sides of the unit. Activity: press button switch permits the client to in a split second initiate or deactivate the laser, discretionary pressing factor switch included.
  • [IMPORTANT] After batteries introduced, it is important to push a little capture up so battery compartment entryway will be immovably locked. On the off chance that the entryway isn’t as expected locked, the entryway will get off when you shoot gun.

#6. Higoo 2 in 1 Tactical Green Laser Dot Sight Tactical Green Laser Flashlight Combo

Higoo 2 in 1 Tactical Green Laser Dot Sight + 200 Lumen Flashlight Combo with 20mm
  • Strong ABS Construction, Durable and Versatile. Ideal for Creational Shooters and Professionals.
  • Minimized and Powerful, Extra Bright 200 Lumens Torch and Green Laser Combo.
  • Accompanies Pressure Remote Switch and Button Switch for the Torch and Laser.
  • 20mm Mount for Easy Attaching to Your Weapons.
  • Force by 2xCR123A Battery(included) Laser Class: Class IIIA, Output Power: ≤5mW

#7. Flashlight Laser Sight Combo,Compact Green Laser and Light Combo,Tactical Picatinny

Flashlight Laser Sight Combo,Compact Green Laser and Light Combo,Tactical Picatinny
  • 【Compact and Robust Construction】-This Picatinny Laser sight for handguns are Sleek and the conservative plan looks incredible with all guns and will effectively oblige most general holsters. Inherent laser is discharged from the electric lamp, which can extraordinarily lessen the item volume, in order to have a superior covering impact.
  • 【Four Running Modes Switch and Easy Operation】-Four running mode selector switch for Laser just, LED light just, both Laser and, LED strobe. more modest size, simpler to place into your holster with no stuck. Regardless of utilizing the left hand or right hand, the laser sight can be helpfully operated. Turn on both of laser electric lamp combo can work as long as an hour and a half or so, just laser-5 hours or so, just spotlight 2 hours or somewhere in the vicinity.
  • 【Convenient Magnetic and Battery Charging】-Magnetic Charging permits you to charge the gun laser sight combo without eliminating it from your pistol, this will save your time and you don’t have to align the green laser for the gun next time. New attractive charging framework for most extreme convenience, powered by all normal USB influence sources. Magnetic charging strategy is efficient and cash saving.
  • 【Adjustable Windage and Elevation】-Fully movable green laser permits you to adapt to both windage and rise. with the gave instrument, you can change and focus on this laser without any problem. Smaller than expected measured plan makes this laser sight simple to suit a large portion of the short and long sizes of guns and rifles, you simply need to put the screw fastener to the legitimate space position and fix it will be fine.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】-This picatinny laser sight combo can be mounted to guns including Modem Semi-programmed Pistols, full-size pistols, handguns, you can likewise utilize this laser sight for rifles and shotguns with a 20mm width Picatinny Weaver Accessory Rail Mount.

#8. Metal Tactical Green Laser Sight & Flashlight Laser Combo,Magnetic Charging Green

Metal Tactical Green Laser Sight & Flashlight Laser Combo,Magnetic Charging Green
  • Fits Most of Firearms with a Picatinny Rail: This strategic green laser spotlight with strobe capacity can be mounted on any gun with a Picatinny or Weaver rail(rifle, airsoft gun, or handgun).
  • Security and Accuracy: This green laser sight and electric lamp combo is made of high-strength Aircraft Aluminum with hardcore dark surfaces, has a more extended help life and effect resistance, and can constantly and dependably further develop exactness during use. The windage and height of this laser sight can be changed and focused like other lasers, just use an Allen wrench inside the bundle to turn the windage and rise screws.
  • Splendid Laser and Flashlight: This strategic green laser sight combo has 3 modes(laser, light, laser/light), light can be strong shaft or strobe, you can likewise utilize a combination.220 lumens electric lamp and green speck laser can be seen with the unaided eye at the distance of up to 100 meters.
  • Attractively Rechargeable Built-in Battery: Magnetic contact charging technique which is protected and convenient,build-in battery charging time is around 2 hours, fully in control when the 4 force markers come in green. And permits you to advantageously keep the item mounting on the firearm while charging, in this case, it will ensure the laser sight will not lose zero.
  • Simple use and Lifetime Warranty: The green laser sight and electric lamp combo are not just simple to mount to the firearms,charging, but additionally has a little size(L2.3”x W1.05”x H1.45” inch), lightweight and will handily oblige a large portion of widespread holsters.(Any zero, battery charging, fit, change problem, please reach us for help, we would give you a fulfilled arrangement.)

#9. IRON JIA’S Tactical Combo Green Laser Sight,220 lumens LED Flashlight, 2-in-1

IRON JIA'S Tactical Combo Green Laser Sight,220 lumens LED Flashlight, 2-in-1

  • Three working modes: (Only flashlight),(Only Green laser),(Green laser+flashlight)
  • Class 3A Green laser:MAX OUTPUT <5mW,Wavelength 532NM,reaching distance 100m-300m.
  • Driven spotlight: Up to 220 lumens, light pillar, and strobe two modes.
  • MATERIALS: High strength combination body with hard anodizing surface treatment, Longer help life ,
  • Windage and height can be changed. Light and laser on/off switch on the two sides, regardless of you are correct hand or left-hand client, it is helpful to work.

#10. QR-Laser Green Laser Sight Gun Light Combo 500 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

QR-Laser Green Laser Sight Gun Light Combo 500 Lumens Tactical Flashlight
  • Helpful Magnetic Charging – with Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Charging pointer, Over-charging insurance, A USB link is incorporated.
  • Movable Windage and Elevation – Green laser can be handily changed with the wrench gave.
  • 2 IN 1 COMBO – One meets every one of your requirements, water-safe, shockproof, dustproof, simple, and quick with an extraordinary worth!
  • Proficient 12 Months Warranty – Our US neighborhood client assistance will help you inside 24 hours.

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