Can I Have A Gun In My Car In A School Parking Lot?

The question of whether or not you can have a gun in your car on school property has been debated for many years. It’s often up to the discretion of the person who finds it, but there are some regulations that must be followed when carrying firearms in your vehicle. Some states require permits and waiting periods before purchasing a firearm, while others do not.

The legality of having guns in cars is also dependent on where you live; if you’re living in an area with stricter regulations than other states, then it is illegal to carry firearms within 500 feet (150 meters) of any elementary or secondary school grounds.

Can you have a gun on school parking lot?

It is illegal for someone with a concealed pistol license (CPL) to carry their weapon into any school, college, university or other institution of higher learning building. It does not matter whether the gun is in the vehicle or not; do not take your weapon onto any higher education institution’s property (even if you park off-campus). This also includes athletic events like football games where there are over 100 people gathered together.

A person shall not carry, have in his or her possession, or use any of the following firearms when he or she knows or has reason to know that one of the conditions enumerated below exists: … A firearm on the premises of an institution of higher education or a private career college licensed under the Private Career Colleges Act, While this is true, there are exceptions with institutions that do allow for concealed weapons.

Bill to allow loaded guns in cars at school parking lots?

[‘No Fly Zone’ under Fire]

“If House Bill 49 passed, Michigan would join seven other states that treat concealed-pistol licenses like driver’s licenses and don’t require holders to also obtain a special permit to carry in schools.”

LANSING — Anyone with a hidden pistol license can legally carry into a public or private school as long as they do not “intentionally” bring the weapon onto the grounds. That means those CPL holders could legally keep their gun locked away in their car while parked on school property, despite opponents who say it puts kids at risk if a deranged CPL holder decides to shoot up the school.

“(The bill) does not permit firearms in schools,” said Rep. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, who sponsored the legislation that passed the House on Wednesday.”It allows an individual to store a weapon out of plain sight in their vehicle if they have a CPL . We’re trying to create some parity between concealed Pistol License holders and current law that allows open carry.”

An amendment attached during committee debate would prohibit law enforcement officers from using HB 4901 as justification for searching vehicles on K-12 property without probable cause. Addressing widespread concern about possible gun violence at schools, Nesbitt suggested nervous parents should feel better anyone with an exposed firearm is removed from the equation.

“It’s illegal for people to purposefully bring firearms onto school property,” he said. “If they’re (CPL holders) not purposely bringing them on, I don’t see the problem.” Michigan law prohibits concealed pistols in schools unless an individual has express permission from a school’s governing board or is dropping off or picking up a student.

“We are still opposed to the bill,” said Amber McCann, press secretary for the Michigan Association of School Boards. “When you have a firearm in your car, it can be very dangerous.” But when House Bill 4901 was initially discussed last week , McCann expressed more concern about the prospect of “bulk firearms” being allowed at schools.

The amended bill would make it a misdemeanor for any individual with an exposed firearm to enter a school-sanctioned gun free zone, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $100 fine.

What to do if a student brings a weapon to school?

A school board member found guilty of a misdemeanor for violating this subsection is disqualified from holding an elected office as a member of the school board for 2 years. The offender shall, at the direction of the court, forfeit his or her office and not be eligible to hold an elected office as a member of the school board until he or she has fully complied with sentence imposed by the court .

What is considered a weapon in schools?

The law also allows for concealed carry on college campuses, but they are allowed to opt out of the law. There is currently one school that has opted out.

There are some places where guns aren’t allowed (like airports). But there are no restrictions at all on carrying weapons into K-12 schools if you have a concealed pistol license. Four states ban concealed weapons on school grounds, but that’s it.

Put guns in schools?

A bill introduced by state Rep. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton would allow concealed weapons on school property as long as they weren’t purposely brought onto K-12 school grounds. Passage of the bill would mean Michigan would join seven other states that treat CPLs like driver’s licenses and don’t restrict where holders can legally carry firearms.

The only exception is college campuses which are allowed to opt out of the new law. HB 4901 passed on a party-line vote with most Democrats voting against it claiming children will be put at risk by allowing guns near them; even locked away in cars parked on school property.

Is pepper spray considered a weapon in school?

Michigan school boards are currently allowed to ban guns on school property. Concealed carry on college campuses is banned in Michigan, but would be allowed under HB 4901 if the university allows it.

Which states allow guns in schools?

House Bill 4901: Would let people with concealed pistol licenses bring guns onto school property. Which states allow open carry in schools?

The person bringing the gun onto school property would have to lock it away somewhere and couldn’t intentionally take it out while at the school, but there is no provision for who would check to see if a weapon was being brought on campus illegally. HB 4679: Would allow local governments to prohibit someone from carrying a firearm — even one that’s already been checked into a secure area of an airport — through a public building or other public space like a park or courthouse. The legislation also would allow schools and day care centers to prohibit firearms on their premises .

Michigan law prohibits bringing guns on K-12 school grounds, but there is no way to enforce this law because there are no penalties for doing so. HB 4827: Would prohibit people from carrying concealed weapons in a gun-free zone — which includes schools and day care centers. Gun owner advocates refer to these as “target” zones because they’re areas where mass shooters know they can find unarmed victims .

Concealed carry on college campuses is banned in Michigan, but would be allowed under HB 4901 if the university allows it. Gun rights advocate say it’s time for such legislation to pass, especially since polls show that most Michiganders support concealed carry on college campuses.

What states allow firearms on school property?

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho (licensed individuals only), Kansas (licensed individuals only), Maine, Mississippi, Missouri (licensed individuals only), New Hampshire, North Dakota (concealed weapons only), Oklahoma (licensed individuals only), South Dakota (concealed weapons only), Vermont and Wyoming.


You are not permitted to have a gun in your car on school property unless given permission by the principal or designee. If you’re ever unsure about whether it’s permissible for someone with a concealed carry permit to bring their weapon onto school grounds, please contact law enforcement before removing that person from campus.

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