What are the main causes of stress for college students?

A college student’s life is hard. With so many new responsibilities, it becomes difficult to manage school and work while trying to maintain a social life. This causes stress levels to rise and can lead to anxiety and depression. But don’t worry! Here are some tips for managing your time better: – Get enough sleep every night – Plan out your day the night before – Take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of fresh air.

What are the main causes of stress for college students?

In today’s times, there is a clear increase in the number of students resorting to suicide from stress, depression and anxiety. Here are some common factors that cause stress for college students.

Studies: In addition to academics, college life also involves numerous other commitments including co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, social events etc. These take a toll on the students psychologically as it sometimes becomes difficult to manage all these things at once which results in increased levels of stress.

Financial Issues: With increasing inflation rates it sometimes becomes difficult for students to meet the ends and they are forced to take up jobs during college breaks to support themselves financially which leads them to lose out on their valuable time. This further adds to their stress levels.

Personal Problems: While dealing with academics, peers and teachers can be a handful even without having personal problems that need attention. In such a situation the student is caught between a rock and a hard place as he/she cannot leave either of these aspects unattended .

Joblessness: After passing out from college the next step toward a successful career is finding a job. However with the current economic condition being unstable across countries this can turn out to be very stressful for any individual who has gone for higher education.

Symptoms of stress in students?

— Feeling emotionally drained and exhausted

— Feeling fatigued and lethargic

— Difficulty concentrating and making decisions

— Irritability, mood swings or anxiety attacks

What are the immediate signs of stress in students?

– Withdrawal from friends/ family members

– Depression and mood swings

– Sleeping problems such as insomnia – Insomnia is a very common sign of stress for students as they worry about their studies even at night. This causes them to have problems going to sleep at night which further wreaks havoc on their daily schedule.   

Is stress good for students?

No, stress is not beneficial to anyone and it can be extremely detrimental for students. Stress not only makes a person vulnerable to several ailments but also affects their performance in studies or at work . The main reason behind this is that stress affects the functioning of the immune system which then leads to the body being unable to fight diseases effectively.  

What steps should students take to deal with stress?

With increasing levels of stress among college students, most organizations have started offering organizations offer yoga classes for students at various campuses across India. These sessions help them relax and unwind thus reducing the impact that this increasing level of stress has on their lives.

Can stress affect learning?

Yes, it can as stress affects the level of chemical messengers that control memory and learning. Students who are under constant pressure often find it difficult to retain information or learn new things which is a big hindrance in their academics .

How does stress affect a student?

Stress weakens the immune system of a person which results in various physical symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy and frequent headaches. It also affects the digestive system by causing irregular bowel movement with constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain being some common symptoms along with an increased intake of nicotine and alcohol.

Stress also affects the sexual life of a person as they tend to lose interest in sex due to constant fatigue and tiredness. In addition to this stress has been known to cause various respiratory problems as it causes people to breathe shallowly instead of taking deep breaths which is essential for good health.

How can you minimize / manage stress?

Prioritizing: Managing time well by prioritizing tasks and sticking to deadlines optimizes resources and decreases pressure on a person. It will allow them lesser worries and a feeling of ease.

Regular exercise: This helps release endorphins from the brain making students feel happier while simultaneously improving their immunity levels thus decreasing chances of falling sick due to stress.

What is the best way for students to beat stress?

In order to avoid all these problems completely it’s important for students to take care of themselves. The following things should be done in order to keep stress at bay:

Keep a tab on your studies and ensure that you have enough time for all the responsibilities that you have taken up. Also, try not to take up too many responsibilities which can prove to be overwhelming- 2/3 commitments are ideal for this purpose.

Make sure to maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with exercise sessions e 3-4 times a week , deep breathing exercises etc. This will help students feel better about themselves and also relax their senses.

While it’s important for students to stay in touch with family members, but it is equally important for them to keep certain boundaries when they’re at college.

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