Why should guns not be allowed on college campuses?

College campuses are supposed to be safe places for students to grow their minds, but sadly they’re not. We have seen many shootings on college campuses in the past few years and it’s time for change. There are way too many shootings happening on college campuses so I think guns should not be allowed on campus because there is a higher chance of death or injury when they are present.

With guns being banned from campus, there would be less danger of someone getting hurt by them. Guns can cause serious harm which is why they shouldn’t be permitted on campus at all.

Why should guns not be allowed on college campuses?

Guns should not be allowed on college campuses for several reasons. First, there is no need for them. College campuses are very safe and the chance of someone using a gun to hurt or kill another person is slim to none. Second, guns can be extremely dangerous if they get into the wrong hands.

People who have a gun could be threatened with it and then pull their own trigger by accident or shoot an innocent student trying to stop them from doing harm.

Third, having a gun can make people feel unsafe even if it doesn’t belong to them because they will always wonder whose gun it might be and whether or not that person will use it against them. In some states, currently only Utah, anyone over 21 years old may carry a gun as long as they have a permit.

In other states, such as Texas and Florida, it is legal to carry concealed carry permits on campuses, but it is up to the discretion of the university if they allow guns on campus or not.

For example, in Florida you must be 21 years old to obtain a concealed weapons permit. To protect yourself further if you own a gun or plan on owning one ALWAYS lock them away so no one can get hurt. This will keep everyone safe including your family and pets.

How do students feel about guns on campus?

Students feel that guns on campus are not a good idea because it is very likely that someone could get hurt or killed if they have one, even by accident.

Also, in most states you must be 21 years old to obtain a concealed carry permit and the majority of college students are under 21, so this leaves them at risk of getting blamed for using someone’s firearm when they didn’t even know it was there in the first place.

Lastly, carrying around lots of cash and valuables makes guns an easy target for thieves who may decide they want to use them for their own benefits instead.

What is your position on allowing people to bring guns on campus? Why?

My position on allowing people to bring guns on campus is that they should not be allowed because it puts other students in danger and makes them feel less safe overall, even if they don’t own a gun.

First, someone could get hurt or killed by accident if there was a gun on campus. In Utah, where people can carry concealed weapons on campuses as long as they have a permit, there has been one accidental discharge already. The student thankfully didn’t cause any harm to anyone else but this proves that having a gun around can very easily end up hurting someone who you never intended to shoot in the first place.

Second, college students may carry large amounts of cash and valuables with them back to school when going off to live in their dorms for the year which would make it easier for someone to steal a gun if they wanted to use it for their own benefits.

Will allowing guns on college campuses make them safer?

No, allowing guns on college campuses will not make them safer. There are many reasons why allowing guns on college campuses would not be beneficial. First, if there were more guns on campus then the chances of someone using it to hurt or kill another person is likely to increase dramatically.

There is little chance of anyone successfully stopping a shooting if they have a gun because they would most likely be killed first by the shooter for trying to stop them. Second, bringing a gun onto campus increases the chances that it will get into the wrong hands especially since students may be carrying around large amounts of cash and valuables.

Thirdly, having too many people carry guns could cause an outrage among students leading to fights between those who disagree with each other about the new gun laws.

Gun control is a very controversial issue right now among college students because just recently Florida, Georgia and Texas have all passed legislation that allows concealed carry permits on their campuses. This law has caused many students to feel more anxious about going back to school in the fall because they are worried about what will happen if someone gets mad at them and decides to pull out a gun.

Should guns be allowed on college campuses thesis statement?

No, I do not think that guns should be allowed on college campuses. First, it doesn’t make any sense having someone carry a gun to school with them because it could go off at any time and cause damage whether they want it to or not.

Second, if someone got caught carrying a gun at school then the consequences would probably be pretty harsh which wouldn’t really do anyone much good in the long run because now they have a criminal record for something that they may have only done once.

Finally, allowing guns on campuses just increases the chances of an accident happening because there are going to be more people walking around with guns as well as those who don’t know anything about how dangerous they can actually be so this makes students feel.


We believe that guns have no place on college campuses. They are not necessary for the safety of students, and they will likely lead to increased violence in classrooms if allowed. It’s time for our country to take a hard look at what is really important when it comes to education–safety or armed conflict? Which side do you stand with?

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